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Today's supply chains are complex—particularly when it comes to forecasting and demand management—with plenty of potential for excess inventory, lower service levels, and poorly defined and inconsistent processes. We work with clients to design and implement high-performing supply chains that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.

MRC brings unique depth & breadth of knowledge to the consultancy platform, from the combination of our distinctive approach supported by professional tools such as SCOR Model, TOC, Six-Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, Gap Analysis, 5S, TPM, Standard Work, Visual Management, TCA ( Total Cost Approach) etc. Our expertise developed while working with clients and experience of the professionals enlisted above make us a reliable partner. MRC offers customized solutions with focus on cost optimization in following unique domains :-
  • Design for warehousing & distribution network.
  • Identify & execute third party purchase (3PP) opportunities.
  • Integrated transportation system design.
  • Inventory control system in Supply Chain Network.
  • Vehicle tracking & Route Optimization solutions.
  • Designing information systems to track SCM performance.